ROYALPLUS™AM60-100/12-ME Manual Mechanical Limit Tubular Motor with Crank for Pergolas & Large Awnings in Montreal

  • Mechanical Limit Switch Ensures Precise Control And Accuracy
  • Silent Design, Noise Level Under 45dB
  • Patented Limiter Structure On Both Sides For Added Security
  • Built-In Radio Receiver & Relay Resistant To Voltage Variations
  • High Sensitivity Superheterodyne Receiver Module (-110 DBm)
  • Moisture-Resistant Surface To Withstand The Elements
  • Easy Installation With Included Crank And Instructions
  • AC Power Supply, 5M Cable, Canada Plug
  • Perfect For Pergolas, Med-Sized To Large Awnings 
tubular motor, AM60-100/12-ME Manual Mechanical Limit, royalplus, awnings motor

Auvent Royal Tubular Motor Solutions for Pergolas and Large Awnings

Are you tired of manually adjusting your pergola or large awning? Say goodbye to the hassle and let the motor do the work for you. Auvent Royal is happy to introduce the RoyalPlus™ AM60-100/12 Manual Mechanical Limit Tubular Motor with Crank for Pergolas & Large Awnings which provides several benefits. Precise control is made possible by the mechanical and precision limit switches that allow accurate positioning of the motor, stopping at the desired position every time. With a noise level of under 45dB, the motor operates quietly, making it perfect for outdoor settings. The patented limiter structure on both sides and the relay resistant to voltage variations guarantee reliable performance in varying conditions. For ease and convenience of use, the built-in radio receiver and high-sensitivity superheterodyne receiver module allow remote control of the motor. Additionally, its moisture-resistant surface ensures longevity and durability, making it suitable for outdoor use.

tubular motor, AM60-100/12-ME Manual Mechanical Limit, royalplus, awnings motor
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Model No.: AM60-100/12-ME 

Rated Torque: 100 N.m

Rated RPM: 12 rpm

Motor Diameter: 45 mm

Rated Voltage: 120 V

Rated Power: 444 W

IP Class: IP44

Rated Current: 3.7 A

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Precise Control and Quiet Operation!

The precision limit switch is a game-changer. With its accurate positioning capabilities, the motor stops at the desired position every time, thanks to the mechanical and precision limit switches. Furthermore, this motor operates quietly, which is perfect for spending time with family under the pergola. I highly recommend the RoyalPlus AM60 from Auvent Royal for installation in any Pergola or large shading system. It is a reliable and efficient motor.

Louisa R.

Dorval, qUEBEC


What types of awnings and pergolas is the RoyalPlus AM60-100/12-ME compatible with?

The AM60 is perfect for medium-sized to large awnings and pergolas. If you're not sure if it will fit your awning, please contact us for assistance.

Is the motor installation difficult?

Not at all! Our motor comes with easy-to-follow instructions for installation. However, we do recommend consulting a professional for installation to ensure it is done properly.

Does the motor come with a warranty?

Certainly, the RoyalPlus AM60 comes with up to five years warranty.

Can the motor be controlled remotely?

Yes, our motor comes with a built-in radio receiver for remote control.

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