Retractable Commercial Awnings for Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels & Pools

  • Perfect for Commercial Patio, Deck, Terrace & Porch
  • Sun & Weather Protection
  • Fully Extended & Noiseless Durable Mechanism
  • Motorized or Manual Operation 
  • Modern Fabric Colors & Textures
  • 10 Years Warranty
  • 2 Weeks Installation
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Add Business Logo To your Retractable awning valance to Increase Brand visibility 

Printing your business name, logo or brand image on the fabric of your retractable commercial awnings will help you increase visibility and brand awareness. We provide complete customization to your commercial storefront awning. That is to say, Auvent Royal provides your customers with outdoor shade solution, sun & weather protection, while giving your business frontage an attractive look.

Successful Implementations

beauty Lies in the details

Retractable awning, retractable awnings for decks, retractable awnings motorized, auventroyal, monoblock retractable awning, montreal, laval, dorval

An ideal retractable commercial awnings for shading applications that require great visibility. This commercial aluminum awning is available with acrylic cloth and all RAL colors, can be placed on wall or eaves.

Technical Specification

  • Maximum axis: 10,00m
  • Lowest projection: 1,80m
  • Highest projection: 4,00m
  • Inclination angle: 5o– 45o
  • Ready-assembled or component parts
  • Electrical/Manual Operation
  • Retractable awning, retractable awnings for decks, retractable awnings motorized, auventroyal, monoblock retractable awning, montreal, laval, dorval

    AuventRoyal™ Adjustable Profile

    Practical and flexible awning for business with moving bases can give the desired tilt to the arms. Possibility of separate right / left arm inclination.

    Technical Specification

    • Maximum axis : 10,00m
    • Lowest projection: 1,80m
    • Highest projection: 3,00m
    • Inclination angle: 5o– 45o
    • Ready-assembled or component parts
    • Electrical/Manual Operation

    5 Reasons To Buy A Commercial Awning From Auvent Royal

    • Upfront Free Estimate
    • Highest Quality & Value
    • Fast Installation & Delivery
    • 24/7 Customer Support
    • Qualified Experts


    How large is your business outdoor area that you would like to shade?

    And in which direction does your patio or terrace face? These factors decide how big the awning needs to be and which type of awning from our range is most suitable. As a rule one can say, that a patio awning that spans the whole area of the patio is visually more appealing than a small one that only covers part of it. Our highly trained technicians will take precise measurements on site and explain which solution is ideal for your place.

    What are the top advantages of installing retractable commercial awnings?

    Awnings can significantly improve the appearance of your commercial or industrial business. However, there are other benefits of adding an awning you may not even realize.

    • Sun Protection
    • Protecting outside assests
    • Printed business logo on awning valance
    • Saving on Electricity
    • Raising your commercial value & curb appeal

    Why an awning projection is the most important criteria to consider?

    Awning projection refers to the retractable and extendable part of an awning that is covered with awning fabric. As a rule, the projection is defined as a value when specifying the dimensions of awnings. So two of the most important dimensions to consider when buying an awning are length and projection. 

    Which fabrics is the best for my awning?

    This depends on the area of application and your individual preferences and needs. We provide you with the right awning fabric for every requirement: whether translucent, air-permeable, waterproof or flame-retardant, we have it all.

    Can an awning be retrofitted with a motor?

    Yes. It is possible to convert a manual awning into an electric awning. If you would like to have your awning retrofitted with a motor, it is best to contact us to get a better idea about our own motors collection.

    Motorized or manually operated retractable awnings

    Electrically operated awnings for patio and balcony: that is pure luxury. They can be extended and retracted by radio remote control or by smart phone. In the case of electrical awnings for patio and balcony, any integrated lighting and heating accessories can also be operated remotely. Should you still want a manually operated awning with crank handle?  We are perfectly willing to manufacture this for you as well. And a combination of both operations types is also perfectly conceivable.

    What is a valance on the awning?

    The valance on an awning is the fabric that hangs down vertically on the front profile. While it acts as a decorative element, the valance also serves as vertical sun protection, but quickly reaches its limits in this function due to its often narrow design. If you would like better protection from the low-lying sun, we recommend the auvent royal side screens, which is the perfect addition to your patio awning. 

    Can you leave your awnings open when it snows or rains?

    In bad weather conditions, however, you should retract your awning to protect the awning fabric, folding arms and the technology. 

    Curious! Need A Retractable Commercial Awning for Restaurant, Cafe or outdoor Terrace?

    We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Arrange an initial consultation with one of our trained specialists. They will get back to you within 1 business day to arrange a visit to your business location and comprehensively advise you with the commercial awnings pricing, features & installation details.