Vertical Glass Panels for Decks & Patios in Montreal

  • Sun, lateral wind, Cold & Noise Protection
  • Motorized Vertical Operation controlled by Remote
  • Easily Installed on new or existing Pergola or Gazebo
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Bring the Outdoors In with Motorized Vertical Glass Panels

Picture yourself sipping coffee on your patio, surrounded by Montreal's natural beauty. Now imagine that experience without the bugs, harmful sunlights, wind, or noise pollution. That's what our motorized glass panels offer. These vertical enclosures act as a barrier between you and the outside elements, but still allow for an open-air experience when you want it. Controlled by both a control panel and remote, our glass panels are easy to operate and perfect for private houses with patios, decks, terraces, and gazebos, as well as commercial businesses such as restaurants, cafes, and hotels.

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Enjoy Year-Round Comfort with Glass panels for Decks and Patios

By installing glass panels, you can enjoy your outdoor area no matter the season. Closed completely, these panels offer heat, air, and noise insulation, making your outdoor area cozy even in the coldest temperatures. When the weather is nice, slide the panels open to enjoy a refreshing breeze. These enclosures are also perfect for indoor partitioning, providing you with the flexibility to adjust your space to your needs.

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Installation on New or Existing Pergolas and Gazebos

Our glass panels are designed to be easily installed on your new or existing pergola, acting as a railing and awning at the same time. Our expert installation team will take care of the entire process, ensuring that your glass panels fit seamlessly into your space and complement your existing decor.

Curious! Need A Vertical Glass Panel Installed on Your Patio Pergola or Gazebo

We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Arrange an initial consultation with one of our trained specialists. They will get back to you within 1 business day to arrange a visit to your place and comprehensively advise you with the glass panel pricing, features & installation details.